🆕 in Magic: Allow & Block List, WordPress plugin, Twitch and Microsoft login, new blockchain support

Magic newsletter #8

This month, we shipped key features that give you more control over which users can or cannot log in to your apps, plus help you expand reach with audiences via a WordPress plugin, Twitch and Microsoft login, and new blockchain support.

Allow & Block list 🚥

Now you can easily control which users have access to your application, from your Magic Dashboard. Simply head to the Settings tab to toggle on an Allow List or Block List.

You can add up to 20,000 specific email addresses or domains to an Allow List or Block List. No code is needed.

WordPress plugin 🔌

Building with WordPress? We recently released a new plugin that helps you seamlessly integrate Magic with your WordPress site. Good news for anyone working on an e-commerce app, the plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce — configuration is a snap.

Check out this doc to get started. 

Many of you requested this, so we’re looking forward to hearing what you think! One way to share your feedback is to write a review.

Twitch, Microsoft login 🌐

New social logins are available, giving you even more flexibility to select the best option for your users. 

Learn how to set up Twitch login and Microsoft login

New blockchain support that scales ⛓

You can now build decentralized apps on additional blockchains: Optimism and Arbitrum. 

Optimism and Arbitrum are two new Layer 2 scaling solutions, which means notably faster and cheaper transactions.

Our team created tutorials to guide you through:

How to use Magic with Ethereum and Optimism

How to use Magic with Ethereum and Arbitrum

EIP-1559 support

If you’re building a decentralized app, you might already be familiar with EIP-1559. EIP-1559 introduces a more efficient system around Ethereum gas prices, benefiting UX, security, and economics.

Magic is natively compatible with EIP-1559, so it’s easy to take advantage of these upgrades.

Community meetups ✨

Last month, we hosted two Close-up Magic meetups featuring special guests: Praveen Durairaju from Hasura and Chris Lu from CopyAI. 

If you weren’t able to join, the recordings are now available on Magic’s YouTube channel.

Next up, we’re inviting Sean Mullen, creator of Marquest and Mattias Inokuchi, Software Developer, to chat with us about Svelte — the most loved web framework, according to this year’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

Join us on Discord and tune into Stages next week.

At Magic, it’s been incredible to see teams around the world grow their business and protect users — especially as data breaches reach all-time highs. 

More updates and improvements to come,


Co-founder & CEO

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