Big Magical Update ✨

Magic Newsletter #1

Hope you’re all well and safe during these crazy times! The Magic team has been working hard at home to bring you the first big update since our Product Hunt launch!

🤯 More SDKs!

This is the first wave of releases to support more platforms and languages! We’ll be supporting more in the upcoming releases, including native iOS and Android SDKs!

  • 📱 Most anticipated React Native support! (docs)

  • Next.js & Vercel (formerly Zeit) integration (docs)

  • 🐍 Python Admin SDK (docs)

  • ⛓ Ethereum Ethers.js & Web3.js support (docs)

You can also propose your own feature requests via our Canny Page!

💌 Update User Email

We have added a client-side SDK method for developers to securely update their users’ emails! (docs) In the next release, we are also shipping additional security features to detect email login anomalies and prevent malicious login attempts! 🔒

🌍 Open Source!

Magic SDKs are now open source! Check out our Github. Feel free to file issues and feature requests! For contributing, please make sure to read our contribution guides before starting!

🚦 Status Page

You can now stay updated and notified with Magic services’ uptime, incident report, and API response time via our Status Page!

🌱 Pricing & Billing (Coming Soon)

One of our most frequently asked questions! We’ll be shipping full-fledged pricing and billing features in May. It’ll include a monthly base fee and additional pay-per-use.

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