Improved pricing, referrals, Discord login, and a giveaway!

Magic newsletter #6

Hot off some exciting launches, we’ve got big news to share!

Simpler Pricing 

No more lock-in from subscriptions, now you can pay as you go with credits similar to Twilio and AWS. 

To start, you’ll get 10,000 free logins. After that, it’s just $0.0085 per login. And with fair pricing protection, you’ll only pay for up to 4 monthly logins per user - the rest are on us!

For more info, visit our new Pricing page.

Magic referrals 

Refer friends to Magic and you’ll both get 3,000 bonus free logins. Invite up to 30 friends for a total of 90,000 bonus logins.  

🚀 Share Magic with friends.

Our mission, in 60 seconds

Want to learn more about the problem we’re passionate about solving at Magic?

Check out our new video which highlights our mission.

Fun fact: there’s a secret message embedded in the video, and we’re inviting everyone to crack it! Send your *one* submission as a secret message to to enter to win awesome prizes: 

  • 1 ETH goes to the first person to accurately solve the puzzle

  • Magic swag for the first 10 solvers

  • Twitter shout-outs to anyone who solves it before July 16

New in Magic

Discord login 🤖

For anyone with a Discord community or for everyone who wants to allow users to sign up and log in to your app via Discord, Magic makes that easy.

Learn how to set up Discord login

If you want to build your own example code, you can run:

npx make-magic --template hello-world-social-login --social-login discord

Celo support ⛓

Now you can build decentralized applications (dApps) that run on a new blockchain: Celo.

Celo is an open-source platform that enables building mobile-first dApps, especially for open financial systems.

Head to this doc for the steps to interact with Celo. 

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