More Login Options, Startup Perks & Next.js Conf

Magic Newsletter #2

Wish you’re all well and safe as we’re entering the final quarter of this crazy year! 😷 The Magic team has been staying safe at home and focused on building - to bring you our most juicy release to-date as we celebrate breaking 20M authentication requests a month! 🍉

👥 Support for Social Login

Many of our customers want to use both Social Logins and email magic links (especially when iOS apps are required to have Apple login), so we’re launching our first batch of Social Login support for Google, Facebook, Github, and Apple with more coming soon! (docs)

🔐 Support for WebAuthn

WebAuthn is a standard for the future of passwordless authentication, enabling users to login via hardware, like biometrics and YubiKeys. Traditionally, adding WebAuthn requires tons of research and implementation, and now Magic has just made it possible with a couple lines of code! (docs)

📣 Next.js Conference

Magic is a sponsor for the Next.js Virtual Conference and our CEO Sean will be doing a talk on how Magic enables developers to effortlessly build feature-rich Jamstack applications. Visit to sign up to watch for FREE! It’s a quick talk from 11:15am - 11:30am PDT - hope you can make it!

  • 💰 We’re also giving out bounty prizes for the top 3 apps built with Magic to celebrate the conference. We’ll be announcing more details tomorrow on Twitter!

  • ⭐️ Go to for a thorough TodoMVC tutorial using Magic + Next.js + FaunaDB, and deploy it to production on Vercel!

💫 Startup Perks Program

Magic is committed to helping small teams get started by providing perks that can help significantly reduce costs for eligible startups. The perks program lets developers use Magic’s auth services for free for the 1st year with 50% off for the 2nd year - no commitment required! For more details visit our Startup Perks page.

🎁 Feature Updates

  • 🔗 Support for Redirect URL after user login instead of only logging them into the original context (docs)

  • 🛡 Magic got a security upgrade and now help block malicious login attempts based on usage patterns

  • 📱 Client SDK for React Native on iOS and Android (docs)

  • 🍎 Client SDK for Native iOS (docs)

  • 💎 Admin SDK for Ruby (docs)

  • ⛓ Support for 8+ blockchains (docs)

  • 🎨 Revamped Magic homepage (link)

  • 📙 Revamped Magic documentation (link)

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