Test mode, new blockchain support, new meetups, and more ⚡

Magic newsletter #4

Hi there,

Spring is officially here! I’m thrilled to share what we’ve recently shipped to continue to improve the developer experience.

New features: 

Test Mode 🧪

Introducing Test Mode, a quick way to test your integration locally. With Test Mode enabled, you can mock the email login by passing an email address to `loginWithMagicLink`. 

To learn more, click here.

Flow Support ⛓️

You can now build decentralized apps on another blockchain: Flow. 

Flow is a fast, modern, and developer-friendly blockchain that also powers CrypoKitties and NBA TopShot. Use Magic to seamlessly onboard users without passwords and tap into the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to unlock innovative business models. 

This doc covers the easy steps to set up the new Flow extension.

New launches:

Community meetups 💫

You know that amazing feeling when you connect with other developers and there’s a shared sense of passion and learning? 

That’s how developers described our very first Close-up Magic meetup! Thank you so much to everyone who joined. It was super inspiring and fun to connect with our vibrant community. Here’s a link to the recording if you’re curious to catch the first meetup. 

Every month we’ll be gathering to meet one another and discuss forward-thinking tech suggested by attendees. Everyone is invited to join the next one on Thursday, May 13th at 11AM PDT. Register in advance here.

Revamped homepage 🚀

Rapid growth means things are always evolving, and we wanted our site to stay up to speed. That’s why we refreshed our homepage to reflect our mission, the problems we’re passionate about solving for you, and the simplicity of plug and play auth. 

Check it out at magic.link to learn about the newest features!

Coming soon:


Magic has successfully completed fieldwork for a comprehensive GDPR compliance audit.

To ensure compliance with every article of the policy, you may see a few changes coming soon to grant you even more rights and strengthen our commitment to user privacy and respect.

More goodness is on the way, made with 💜 by Magic.

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